Bethany Haven is a transitional home for homeless women and their families in Bardstown/Nelson County, Kentucky. Our program gives homeless women (with or without children), the opportunity to get back on their feet; if someone is worried about where they will sleep for the night or what they will eat for the day, they are unable to look past those immediate needs. We provide food and shelter, so our residents are able to look beyond the immediate and begin to consider how they might work for a better future for themselves and their families. 

Our transitional home has 7 private bedrooms, 3 shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen and a shared living room and playroom.  We welcome you to view our photo gallery and have a look inside Bethany Haven.


Mission Statement: 
Bethany Haven leads the community’s effort to provide a safe emergency shelter for those experiencing homelessness and a pathway to independent living for women and children otherwise experiencing homelessness.  We do this with compassion while treating people with dignity. 

Vision Statement: 

Through its programs, leadership, and advocacy, supported by the power and presence of God’s love, Bethany Haven will end homelessness in Nelson County and serve as a model for other communities to do the same.